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The LoveLikeReed organization's mission is to help support the mental health of children and families in our community by providing financial assistance for counseling. If you know someone in need, please reach out to us.

Reed Allen Schonberger

February 20, 2003 - December 19, 2018


Thank you to the Service League of Cherokee County for their generous donation to LoveLikeReed.


It's OK to not be OK

Reed was a sophomore at Etowah High School. He was a loving, smart, talented, well-liked and seemingly a strong and mentally healthy 15 year old when he took his own life on December 19, 2018. What none of us knew was that Reed was hurting...he was not okay. Reed didn't talk about his pain, and didn't show signs of depression, so no one knew he needed help coping with his challenges.  Every person that knew Reed was completely shocked that he ended his life. Signs of depression or anxiety are not always obvious. 


Shortly after Reed's passing, we gave feet to our grief. LoveLikeReed, Inc. was created. This non-profit 501(c)(3) organization will honor Reed's life, by continuing his legacy of loving, helping, and serving others. Our mission is to erase the stigma that depression and anxiety carry and to help our local schools and community provide safe places for our children to talk to a professional when they are hurting or struggling.  They need to know that It's OK To Not Be OK and when they share their feelings they can find hope and help to move past their current situation.  Let's keep talking and communicating so together we can save lives.


Financial Support From LoveLikeReed

If you are in need of financial support for mental health counseling

due to suicide ideation please see the following guidelines. 

To qualify for LoveLikeReed funding:


1)  The student must present with one or more of the following.


   a) suicidal ideation

   b) self-harming behavior

   c) prolonged feelings of despair

   d) symptoms resulting from trauma


2)  There must be a financial need.  

3) Each person will receive 5 sessions at one of our partnering mental health facilities.  If you have insurance, we will pay for the co-pay.  If you don’t have insurance, we will pay for the entire session.  


4) Please reach out to Amy Greene at 770-866-0423 or if you need assistance.

Donate to LoveLikeReed, Inc.

For other ways to donate or money transfer options, please email

Thank you for your generous donation.  All donations to LoveLikeReed, Inc. are tax deductible.


Thank you to our 2023 LoveLikeReed 5k Sponsors

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